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If you’re looking for a Sports Massage in Worthing, there’s no better place than Laroma Therapies.

Sports Massage is a hands-on treatment that involves the mobilising and manipulation of soft tissue and myofascial structures. It was originally designed for athletes to prevent and relieve injuries that can develop after repeated strenuous activity or injury. However, both athletes and non-athletes can gain physical, physiological and psychological benefits from receiving a sports massage.

Sports massage can be used as a pre-workout stretch and opportunity to warm up tissues which can enhance an athlete’s performance by helping the body more fully prepare for the upcoming physical activity. It can be used as maintenance massage (regularly scheduled massage) to keep an eye on how your soft tissues are functioning and try to address any imbalances or dysfunctional tissues before they cause problems. It can also be used as a post-workout massage designed to reduce soreness, promote recovery, decrease the risk of injury and increase flexibility.

Why have a Sports Massage?

There are several reasons why you would want to have a sports massage; whether you are an elite athlete, a regular gym-goer or sports enthusiast, work in an office, have a physical or stressful job or have small children, you will find yourself doing repetitive movements that can, over time, build up muscle tension or imbalances that lead to pain and dysfunctional soft tissues. Sports massage will help address these issues and help restore the body to optimum function. Sports massage can help to:

  • Increase joint range of motion (ROM)
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase relaxation and sense of well-being
  • Decrease muscle tension and soreness
  • Decrease neurological excitability
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Promote better sleep
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase elimination of waste products.
  • Decrease the chances of injury
  • Decrease recovery time between workouts
  • Decrease pain

80 Minute Initial Consultation & Sports Massage – £85.00

50 Minute Sports Massage – £55.00

Massage Price List

Candle Massage50 Minutes - £53.00
80 Minutes - £85.00
Deep Tissue Massage20 Minutes - £29.00
50 Minutes - £53.00
Hawaiian Massage50 Minutes - £53.00
80 Minutes - £85.00
Mandara (Four Hands) Massage50 Minutes – £106.00
Pregnancy Full Body Massage50 Minutes - £53.00
Pregnancy upper Body Bliss50 Minutes - £29.00
Sports Massage50 Minutes - £55.00
80 Minutes - £85.00
Swedish Massage20 Minutes - £29.00
50 Minutes - £53.00
80 Minutes - £85.00
Warm Bamboo Massage20 Minutes - £29.00
50 Minutes - £53.00
80 Minutes - £85.00
Please note bookings are essential. All bookings require a 50% deposit. 36 hours notice is needed to move/cancel appointments. If less than 36 hours notice is given then your deposit cannot be refunded. Self-employed Therapists at Laroma may have their own cancellation policies.
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