The story behind Laroma Therpaies

The story behind Laroma Therapies
Hello, I’m Lauren; owner and founder of Laroma Therapies. Thankyou for visiting our website.
Our wellbeing centre is built with love, care and heartfelt therapies. We are a small family business, and we truly love our centre as do our clients.
We opened Laroma in 2015 to create a space Worthing so needed…
A place of healing for the mind, body and soul for our wonderful community. Here it’s not all about woman; men need therapy too, they also deserve time out to relax and unwind in an environment they feel comfortable in.
Our team are trained in-house with love and care, who take pride in helping others seek the best in life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Laroma  is a place our staff love to be; our job is our passion; and we live by the the practices we preach.

From working at home with a handful of clients 10 years ago, to a double award winning business; never in a million years did I dream this.

Hard work, dedication and a love for helping others has created a community wellbeing centre that caters to all.
Why I set up a well being business…..
Mental health was a big part of my childhood; my mums bipolar was tough not only for her, but our whole family. Mum was in and out of hospital and it was very disrupting. As a child I was helpless; but as I grew, I  knew I wanted to help others from the pain I suffered.
My passion is helping others live their best life. Taking care of yourself is key; when you are happy and well, others around you will be too.
I wouldn’t change my past for the world; tough times helped me become the person I am today; I used it as my strength to create my very own well being business, but it wasn’t easy. I worked three jobs while studying at college; from there I worked in a beauty salon, but quickly realised this wasn’t for me. I needed to be where men and woman could come and enjoy therapy in a calm, non-judgemental and relaxing environment.
With this in mind, I slowly built my business from home.
Five years ago I visited a lovely card reader…..she told me I should open a shop! I laughed and replied that I could never afford it!  Later that week I spoke to my client about my reading, where she told me to crowdfund. Her words were
“You have a special talent, you treat from your heart, you need to been seen on a wider scale and people need you in their life …….I’ll never forget those words.
This gave me the courage to do just that!
To my amazement, our community and my beautiful clients helped me set up! Everyone chipped in together with the décor and we made the wonderful Laroma Therapies come to life! Our beautiful Laroma is now an established destination with 3 therapy rooms, a waiting area and a lovely garden area too. Laroma Therapies specialises in massage and holistic treatments for men, women and children.
This is my second home…..
I welcome you with a warm heart and open arms to our beautiful retreat.
Not long after opening, Lauren also became a qualified teacher. She teaches a wide variety of massage, holistic and beauty treatments.
Laroma prides itself on the team of hard working therapists who put so much care into what they do. We want to help clients restore wellbeing back into their lives both physically and mentally, and believe this can be done through massage, holistic and wellbeing treatments.