Laroma Therapies In The Community

Laroma Therapies In The Community!

Laroma Therapies is aiming to provide a comforting, compassionate and caring environment in which clients can escape stresses of their everyday life whilst rejuvenating their souls and well being. We have a high standard of care here for our clients and want to make sure each and every one of them receives the treatment they deserve.

Here at Laroma, we like to take things one step further and look after our local community as well as our clients walking through the door. We’ve recently involved ourselves in many charity events, many in aid of mental health, offering complimentary treatments to a range of people.

Our value is simple, every person, no matter who they are or what they’re going through, deserves to be cared for.

A massive achievement we’ve made is the work we’ve done and are still continuing to do with charities and our surrounding community. We have previously held small events at the shop to support people suffering with mental health issues and those who care for them. Our aim was to provide a safe environment whereby people could come and relax, have a chat and enjoy some tea and cake! We’ve also worked alongside several charities and have raised both money and awareness for those in need.

We are aiming to bring awareness of all types of mental health to our community, and how complementary treatments can aid people suffering with them, or people who are caring for mental health sufferers.

mental-health-awareness-in-worthing-at-laroma-therapies-1Previously we have held events at the shop in aid of mental health and the stigma surrounding it. Our aim was to provide a safe environment whereby people could come and relax, have a chat and enjoy some tea and cake! The groups offered people sufffering with mental health issues, or those caring for them, to take some well deserved time out and realise they’re not alone and there is support for them. Although we do no longer hold these groups, we are looking to starting up some ‘monthly relaxation groups’ which will involve meditation, breathing techniques, herbal tea and importantly some time out from your day!

We’ve attended many charity events where we have offered our complementary therapies. Myself and my team have been to events in aid of Mind charity which supports mental health. We have also given out several complimentary vouchers to a range of schools and organisations such as Guildcare, HMRC, Paws Play and Stay, Heene First School, Mayors Charity 2015, Think Family, Ferring Funtime Preschool, Alzheimer’s UK and St Barnabas. The Salvation Army also wanted to raise awareness and money for young girls who have been trafficked, so we offered treatments to the public and raised money for this cause.

On Blooming Monday, which also supports mental health, myself and my team dressed in bright clothing to raise awareness and we also offered complimentary treatments to the residents of Ashdown House. In addition, on the 2nd of September 201