Autumn Spice Swedish Massage Special Offer

Try Our Autumn Spice Swedish Massage Special Offer At Laroma Therapies Worthing!During October we are offering a 50 minute treatment of this Swedish Massage using 'Pumpkin Pie', 'Pumpkin Spice' or 'Autumn Spice' scented oil for just £39.00!Swedish MassageSwedish Massage uses massage techniques specifically to relax your muscles. It can help with a many problems, from aches, [...]

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Laroma Membership

Laroma Membership Save Money & Secure Your Treatment Time Every Month With Laroma Membership!We have put together a Laroma Membership plan to give you a great choice of treatments at a reduced cost, giving you a variety of treatments of your choice every month ensuring your wellbeing on a regular basis. This is a flexible [...]

Seashell Massage New To Laroma Massage Worthing

Laroma Massage Worthing Introduce The Fantastic Seashell Massage The Seashell Massage Ia A Deeply Relaxing And Luxurious Massage! This exclusive, unique and luxurious full body massage uses ethically sourced Cowrie Tiger Shells from Tahiti and the therapists hands to deliver a seamless treatment tailored to suit your individual needs. The warm smooth shells are expertly [...]

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Warm Bamboo Massage Now At Laroma Massage Worthing

We Are Pleased To Introduce Warm Bamboo Massage Introductory Special Offer of ONLY £30 Throughout October Warm Bamboo Massage is a unique new therapy that relaxes tight muscles – instantly and painlessly! It’s an effective way to release stress and tension, relieve aches and pains, loosen tight muscles, and improve sports performance. With Warm Bamboo [...]

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Thai Massage Now At Laroma Massage Worthing

We Are Pleased To Introduce The Wonderful Thai Massage Introductory Special Offer of ONLY £40 Throughout September Thai massage is performed on a futon over clothing. No oil or lotion is used. This is one of the world’s oldest healing modalities. It is a blend of massage, acupressure, energy work, and gentle yoga stretches.It’s a [...]

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Lava Shell Massage Now At Laroma Massage Worthing

We Are Pleased To Introduce The Wonderful Lava Shell Massage The Ultimate Calming Massage! For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this deep tissue massage uses heated lava shells to achieve a firm deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly [...]

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Which Massage Treatment To Choose?

With the variety of massage treatments readily available these days it may sometimes be difficult for someone, deciding for the first time, which Massage Treatment would be best suited. Of course the best solution is to speak with the massage therapist as she will be able to advise you which massage is best suited to [...]

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Health Benefits Of Massage

Health Benefits Of Massage The History Massage is one of the oldest healing arts: Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use; the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments; and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Modern Day Applications [...]

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