Hello I’m Lauren, Owner of Laroma TherapiesLauren Certificate

Laroma Therapies started summer 2008 and the business began working in Dementia homes, this was so rewarding to see the benefits and how much the residents appreciated my treatments. Some of my clients were bed bound so to be able to brighten there day with a hand massage or nails painted was just magical. I knew then I wanted to help people with complementary health treatments for life and developed my knowledge more into massage and holistic treatments. Laroma has grown with me as a person, its my passion.

I thrive off helping people, and I am known for care and wonderful treatments, changing people’s lives by giving them time for themselves and always willing to go that extra mile to give my clients what they need, I’m always here to support them. Over the years I have built up the name from my clients “magic hands”.

The daily recommendations and reviews on our website is overwhelming. Waking up everyday to be doing what I love is wonderful, to have a gift to help people is so rewarding.


We set up a crowd funder and the response was amazing, we raised a massive £3,315 in just 28 days to go towards our project to build 4 treatment rooms at our new premises in Worthing.

So many clients, friends and Businesses in Worthing and around the UK have come on board to support us as well as well as big names including Co-Op, Tesco, B&Q, Dulux and Wickes.

We now have a amazing new Destination in Worthing where we will be working with other complementary therapists who have the same passion in helping clients as we do.

Laroma offers such a wide range treatments, specialising in massage, health and well being for men and women.

We will also be a complementary massage teaching school. Combined we want to give a all round well being destination to help the community in the amazing treatments and courses. Laroma Therapies will provide a comforting, relaxing, atmosphere in which customers will be a able to relax both their body and mind, reconnecting their daily lives to their true purpose through a wide range of holistic, massage, beauty and other complementary therapies.

Laroma has established itself as a dependable destination to which clients can come to escape the stresses of day to day life, rejuvenate their energies, souls and well being.

Our work ethic is warmth and courtesy, creating a trusting impression on all clients, establishing loyalty and return. Our value is that we bring a unique mode of relaxation and fulfilment to our community. Laroma is a completely trustworthy and soothing setting where customers can enjoy being pampered and escape the stresses of life.

When people are relaxed,comfortable and happy they have the ability to work harder. They also concentrate better, feel physically, emotionally and mentally more balanced. Here at Laroma Therapies we want to give clients that happiness back into their homes, workplaces and community.